Become “drunk and wild” these holidays

The important things first: happy holidays!
I wish everyone (even the people who do not buy my music 😉 ) the best for 2019! May your wildest dreams come true in the new year!
A while ago I decided to make a “different” song. I wanted to make a really slow song. One with only piano and a few small violins. And because the holidays were on the way and most people get drunk and wild those days, I called the song “Drunk and Wild”.

The song is now available on Google Play, YouTube and Spotify. iTunes is always a bit slower, but I promise that “Drunk and wild” will also be available there soon.
So do not hesitate to listen to it on YouTube or Spotify and if you like it you can always buy it in one of the digital stores ;-).

We also put the lyrics of the song on YouTube, so you understand what I mean by the song. The song is about life. You only have one life, so make the best of it! Have fun, get drunk, get wild! Do everything that makes you happy! The holidays might be a good time to start!

I did the same in 2018. I wanted to make music that people could buy in digital stores on the internet. And look at me now, my face is on Google, Spotify and iTunes! LOL

So, if life is a bit against you, just go and listen to “Drunk and wild” and start having fun again!

Happy Holidays!

Oh yes, one more thing (now I sound a bit like Steve 😉 ) : Have fun, get drunk, get wild, but keep it safe! (Remember, you only have one life.)


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